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 Price list

After a thorough inspection of your requested service, Charleston Marine will provide you with a complete estimate for repairs, and repairs will not begin until you have approved the scope of work and the price.

  1. $299  4 stroke annual service 3 cylinders or more

  2. $259  2 stroke annual service 3 cylinders or more

  3. $149  4 stroke annual service  small motor

  4. $129  2 stroke annual service  small motor

  5. $199  water pump replacement

  6. $169 carb job (1st carb)

  7. $ 89 carb job (each additional carb after first carb)

  8. $159 diagnostic fee

  9. $159  marine service call destination fee

  10. $120 hourly shop rate


prices above are labor only and do not include any parts.

parts prices vary widely from one motor to the next.

a complete estimate will be provide before work begins.

click button below to see actual customer invoice

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